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The pictures of our most recent trip are available only by e-mail request. This is due to the delicant matter of the site. The procedure is rather simple; You mail us, if we know you, we'll mail you the link-package.

Sorry about the fuzz.



Pozmeat Poznan, Poland

My Polish UE-god Travis hinted me again on quality urban exploring in Poznan. So off we went to figure out the secrets of Pozmeat. As the name states Pozmeat is an old slaughter house/meat factory. It was closed according to this piece of news due to bird-flu and no offers to buy it in 2006. Judging the condition of the factory my gut says it has to have been closed earlier. Or then I'm just plain wrong and the Polish demolition forces are faster than I think. With the presence of bird-flu or (lots of) asbestos I wasn't too exicted on the state of my future well-being. Put that aside and we'll continue to Pozmeat:

The facility reminded me of Finlayson warehouses on more than one occasions. 1st reason of was the large warehouse constructions and second the graffiti that was present every where. The writers have had enough time to make quality graffiti into both of the premises.

One might grasp the feeling of a slaughter house in here...

If one wasn't drinking that much.

From now on end we'll let the pictures do the talking.


Little preview of more Poznan UE

Roll with the pros and you get better results... Update of sunday night UE to come in a matter of days, keep alert.

Polchem factory, Torun Poland

After a considerable hike in the sun we arrived to where Polish chemical crown jewel Polchem (it was closed because it was a hazard to the environment even in Polish standards) once was.

This is what it used to look like:

This is what it looks like now:

So no abandoned factories this time. Well, hazards of the hobby...