Industrial laundry

We started the year with a bang. T and H had kept their eyes open, so we had a new place to check out. The laundry had apparently been empty for about a year and now it's due for demolition.

5.1. we went for a look and also caught a lucky break entering the building. The smell of hospital clothes was still in the air and the place was virtually intact. These sort of places make you go on with this hobby. I bet all three of us knew we were there 1st, and let me tell u - it felt good.

The light from the sun going down was crawling in from the windows and we tried to make the best of it. I hope you like these frames:

View of the main hall.

The cafeteria was clean as 1st snow.

The back of the main hall. The scale was not in use anymore, so we couldn't measure how much is T + S + H. My guess: quite close to 300 kg.

Somebody had been to Kissanmaa pharmacy. You can see me on both of the bottles.


Happy new year

We'll start the new year with a couple of shots from Berlin. Next week we'll continue to Tampere; I haven't seen all the pics yet, but it should be a quality post and something new.

Old Ostbahnhof station. The new tracks run on the right side. Bums had occupied the old station warehouse.

From the bridge to Kreutzberg. It's unbelievable how many expensive estates have been left like this in Berlin.