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Anonymous said...

at first i want to say you're doing a very good job. amazing pictures and atmosphere. well done!

the other thing is the ski jump. i'm writing an article to the polish newspaper about the old ski hills. i've just came back from finland and i went to hameelinna. i've never knew there is or was supposed to be the ski hill.
i cant find anything about it on the internet so please, if you have any informations, can you contact me?

my e-mail is asia0505@hotmail.com.


Anonymous said...

Missäpäin maailmaa toi paikka sijaitsee? Tampereella?

(saisiko tarkemman osoitteen?)

Tampere Raid Squad said...

Paikka sijaitsi Tampereella, mutta on jo purettu. Emme paljasta kohteiden osoitteita, noudatamme UE:n kirjoittamattomia sääntöjä.