Kuivalahden Saha, Revisited

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Farmhouse, Matomäki, Nakkila

Rural Exploration

Today, the GPS navigator took me for an shortcut, or something. At least it was not the shortest way. I really didn't mind. On contrary, often taking a step off of the path, shows you something different, something real.

This time it was this agrar, residental building. Left to stand there alone and abandoned. For a long time.

(Abandoned building, with all the windows intact, rare. ;) )

Halleluja (no hard rock this time)



Easter UE part II/II: Poznan

The easter sunday ended to an unfinished & abandoned (again, why the hell do they even start?) apartment block in Poznan. The block has an interesting past; in the seventies they decided to build one block of flats in the middle of a field. So they started to build and already had finished the sewering, electrical works, windows and outeriors as it was decided not to be used. And there it stands - as the ski jumping tower of Hämeenlinna - an ode to stupidity.

The oddity of the building was the third floor. It was surely something I had never seen before: it was built completely without windows or any holes to the outside world. What the hell is the meaning of this floor? Member T must have a theory, but instead I'd like to know why it was really built. The layout of the floor is the same as in the upper floors. Utterly strange.


(T, I took revenge for the Lonkero picture)


Tulitikkutehdas ja Kolkos, pintapuolisesti

Muutama kuva mestoista ja grafoista, kriitikoille myös ttp:tä tarjolla.

Aikamoinen ruuhka tuntui kohteissa olevan; Parikin porukkaa tuli vastaan. Kuka tunnustaa?


Easter UE part I: Szamotuly

Travis from Opuszczone was kind enough to take me on a trip with him again. So the faithfull Land Rover picked me up on easter sunday, and we were off for new adventures. First we headed to Szamotuly to have a look at an old petrol factory, but it was guarded and we couldn't access it. Instead we continued to an abandoned water tower and an unfinished power station. We had also a look at an abandoned mansion, but someone was already renovating it, so we left it alone.

As usual, I'll let the photos do the talking...

The water tower:

And the power station:



Poznan on easter

Abandoned - nuff said.



Unfinished & abandoned carpark, Wroclaw Poland

I saw this building from the window of the train arriving to Wroclaw. On sunday I decided to take a few pictures. The history of the building is unclear, but it seems that they started to build a car park / office building and ran out of money or will to finish it. A raw estimate would say that it's been sitting there around 5 years.

Here are some pictures.

The scaffolding is still on it's place

Maybe the central location of the building has prevented further damage

I was surprised to see the bricks inside the building. Maybe they're too heavy to steal? I doubt.




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