Easter UE part II/II: Poznan

The easter sunday ended to an unfinished & abandoned (again, why the hell do they even start?) apartment block in Poznan. The block has an interesting past; in the seventies they decided to build one block of flats in the middle of a field. So they started to build and already had finished the sewering, electrical works, windows and outeriors as it was decided not to be used. And there it stands - as the ski jumping tower of Hämeenlinna - an ode to stupidity.

The oddity of the building was the third floor. It was surely something I had never seen before: it was built completely without windows or any holes to the outside world. What the hell is the meaning of this floor? Member T must have a theory, but instead I'd like to know why it was really built. The layout of the floor is the same as in the upper floors. Utterly strange.


(T, I took revenge for the Lonkero picture)

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Anonymous said...

It seems to me, by looking at the design of that building alltogether, that the architect has gone a bit nutty after two storeys. Made the third one under the ifluence of dark forces and some other dude took it from there.