Grodék, Poland

Last saturday I got the opportunity to join the boys and girl from Opuszczone for a trip to an abandoned Soviet village in Grodék. You could call it a ghost town even. Grodék was a Soviet armybase from WW II to the early nineties. During this time some 5000 troops were living in Grodék. After Soviet Union collapsed the troops left leaving the base empty. Now Grodék is inhabited by one family who are taking down other buildings except for their own for firewood. Some of the apartment buildings still had windows and they were even for sale. When the town was inhabited it consisted of little more than ten apartment blocks, a school, cinema, hospital etc. Unbelievable to see.
Thanks for Travis, Chris, Marek & Aga for taking me here with you!
Pictures, people:

Everything possible was stolen from the buildings on the outskirts of the town.

3 years ago this bulding had walls and a roof...

View to the main street. The silence of this city is amazing.

More apartment blocks.


A little bit of modern decorations also.

The spring is here.

I went for a walk by myself in the town and on the way back I met these guys. You could say I was a little worried, but as it turns out the lads were filming a short movie in Grodék. Luckily.

Older decorations. I'm a big fan of Soviet realism.

Cut the sword of capitalism...

That's how you make Duracell bunnies: give them coffee

The music class in the school

Nice paintings on the wall. I bet it sucked to live in this room.

Curtains were gone.

Local boy was more than interested in what we were doing. Specially I was interesting since I didn't speak Polish.

(c) Chris, Opuszczone

(c) Chris, Opuszczone


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